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Free Trial Membership*

In an average year, Michael Cooper tastes around 3,000 wines. That’s about 8 wines a day, if you’re trying to do a quick maths calculation.
Michael really knows what he’s talking about and this wealth of knowledge has earned him the position of New Zealand’s most acclaimed wine writer.
Now you can tap into that vast vault of expertise so you can make better wine choices yourself.

Read, rate, and save your favourite wines on with a Free 7 Day membership, or an Annual Subscription.

When you become a member of this site, you have access to:
  • Over 25,000 wine tasting notes from the 2012–2019 editions of “New Zealand Wines – MichaelCooper’s Buyer’s Guide”.
  • New reviews added throughout the year
  • Detailed vintage reports
  • Regional vintage charts
  • Maps of New Zealand’s wine regions
  • The “My Wines” facility, to save and organise your favourite wines

All of this will cost you a mere $39.99 a year, which works out at just $3.30 a month. You only have to make a few well-informed wine choices and the membership has paid for itself.

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