• PeterNZ@gmail.com
    July 31, 2016 at 12:08 am #27706

    Sorry if that sounds like a whinge but maybe it is. I love to drink wine but am not very experienced in the science of wines. What I mean with this is I evolved a little bit into learning to taste the differences between grape types, vintages, areas etc. I have a great urge to dive deeper into the facts of wine.

    What does a 21st century person do in that case? Go online. I am a member of all sort of food communities, professional bakers forum ( I am a baker) and even professional chef forums.I learned heaps in those communities and I hope I also contributed to other people’s learning. Check out the free RealBeer web site, New Zealand’s biggest online community about enjoying and brewing beer. All free, all great communities. Looking for a wine community? Nothing. I have never found an area online where you have to pay to be part of a community. Yes some communities in other areas charge you to become a member, too. In the wine area I didn’t find one free community. Why the wine community? All the other communities are free. And I not only refer to your website.

    Is the wine industry missing the point? Don’t they think that allowing the consumer to educate themselves, to learn and grow into a wine lover with some level of experience would benefit their business? Or do they still believe wine connaisseurs should be a secret club, an elusive community? With paying members?

    I would really be interested in your opinion on this. Why do wine websites think they have to charge people to allow them to join a community as opposed to other areas? What is the difference? I know web sites cost money. But not only wine websites cost money.

    Thank you in advance for taking the time.



    Admin Admin
    August 1, 2016 at 6:45 am #27707

    Hi Peter
    Many thanks for your contribution. You ask: “Is the wine industry missing the point?” The key issue here is that this is not a “wine industry” website. It has no links to producers, is free of advertising, and exists for those who want a truly independent, critical dissection of the wine industry’s products.

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